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Elsa walked to the balcony of her newly-made ice palace with her hands outstretched, reveling in the feel of the sun on her pale skin. The sky was cloudy, the air was cold with a light passing breeze and the queen had never felt more alive in her life.

Taking a deep breath, she spun in happiness before allowing herself to simply enjoy the sight of the sun over the mountains. Resting her arm on the balcony railing with her chin on the palm of her hand, a content sigh passed her lips. Everything that had happened in the course of a few hours had felt like nothing less than a dream...and yet, as she gazed upon the colors that reflected through the ice of her castle walls, she knew it was all real.

As she basked in the silence that the mountain offered, her thoughts wandered...

...and she started to wonder what had possibly happened to a certain invisible companion of hers.

Was he back in her room waiting for her return, unaware of the chaos? Or maybe --

As if on cue, a light breeze blew by, whipping her braid to her face that she almost missed the familiar sparkles that it carried. Almost. Her smile grew.

-- he was somewhere close by?

A giggle passed her lips as her eyes followed the sparkles dancing in the air before they vanished. "Has the Guardian of Winter come to grace my humble abode?" she said teasingly, turning slowly and addressing the air around her. "Or am I alone in my palace and talking to myself?"

Silenced fell on the scene for a few beats. Then came what Elsa had been hoping for: his response in the form of the soft tinkle from the ice crystals in her chandelier, proceeded by writing on the room floor.

Are you sure you can't see me, your majesty?

A pause to erase. Then more words came.

I'm starting to think you can either see me or are psychic.

Elsa smiled, amused at the tone she guessed that the Guardian had by his choice of words. "I'm fairly sure that being psychic isn't in my arsenal of powers. Can't it be that I simply know you quite well after all these years?"

That too. But where's the fun in that reason?

The queen laughed lightly. So many things had happened in the past few hours that practically changed her entire world...but she was glad that there were some things that stayed the same -- Jack's constant presence in her life being one of them.

"So what do you think?" Elsa asked, arms moving in a gesture to refer to her palace. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "Is it to your liking?"

A pause. She assumed he was either thinking or looking around. The writing came moments later.

It's a castle fit for a queen. You've outdone yourself, your highness.

She smiled as she held her skirt and curtsied to the invisible spirit. "You are most gracious, Sir Frost."

And don't you forget it.

That earned laughter from the blonde woman. Even if Elsa could only hear her own laughter, she had a feeling that he was laughing along with her. It was strange how she knew. It was strange that she could sense it. But then again, the general dynamic of their entire relationship was strange... Especially in that even if she couldn't see him, he was more alive to her than anyone that she could see.

But it doesn't matter if it's strange, she thought. Her whole life was strange anyway.

All that mattered was that he was with her, that they were on the best terms...and they were by each other's side and happy with their freedom. At least, that was what she hoped. After all, he certainly made her happy...

...and she hoped that she did the same for him.

Ever since the Guardian and the Queen's reunion, they spent a good part of the succeeding hours recounting what had happened in the past few hours -- mostly from Elsa's side of the story. Jack had spent most of the night hovering above the crowds of people during the actual coronation ceremony while the ball was freeze-the-drinks and trip-the-castle-staff time.

What could he say? Formal events were too stuffy for him and the party was a little too dull. He had to make his own fun.

So... Jack wrote on the floor when Elsa had finished her tale. What happens now?

Elsa sighed. "Good question. Sadly, I don't have the answer."

The writing on the floor disappeared and new words formed in their place.

You could try talking to them.

"I told you already that they called me a 'monster', Jack. I'm not so sure they'd be willing to listen to what I'd have to say..."

You're not a monster. You're their queen. Unless you forgot that fact? Did the cold out here freeze your royal brain?

Elsa smirked. "I appreciate the concern, but it's working fine, thank you."

Alright, alright. Just checking.

After a beat or two, the writing vanished then more replaced them.

Seriously though...I worry about you, Elsa.

The queen's gaze shifted downward as she played with the end of her braid.

"I know. You're right to be... But I think that it would be best for me to leave them be for a while. I'm certain that I will have to face the citizens some time...but not now." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "Not when I'm not ready to face Anna..."

Jack frowned, but then sighed in defeat. Well, when someone wasn't ready, they aren't ready. Life won't wait for her to be...but she could at least have some time to herself to think of how she can move on with all these new developments.

As you wish, your

The words stopped in mid sentence. Elsa waited for him to finish -- though she already knew what he was going to say -- but they never continued. Her eyes narrowed in confusion.


She waited again, but there was no response. Had something happened? The blonde started glancing around the room for any sign that her friend was still with her.

"Jack, are you still there? Please answer me."

If there would be no response...then she would have no idea what she would do. He wouldn't disappear from her side without warning her.

A few beats more, familiar writing came. But their message didn't lessen her worry.

Stay here. I'll be back.

In fact, it only made her more concerned. "Jack, wai--"

She wanted to call out to him -- to explain to her what was happening. What had just happened? Was it an invisible threat that only he could see? But she didn't have time to even complete her statement as a strong gust of wind passed through her castle, indicating the winter spirit's departure. Elsa shielded her face from the sheer force of the gale...

...and as she looked out the balcony, she only hoped that wherever he was going, whatever he was getting into, it wouldn't be too dangerous.

Her hands moved to hug herself in a gesture of protection... it felt strange knowing that the Guardian of Winter wasn't by her side.
Prompt: This was supposedly a turning point for the plot. Or so says my bunnies. But the execution went in a different direction sooooo I'm breaking this part into 2. XD

Pairing: JackxElsa / Jelsa

If we line this up with the "Frozen" movie, this should be about the time before Anna met Kristoff. They didn't really explore what happened to Elsa after the "Let It Go" sequence, after all, so here's my take on what did. With Jack involvement, of course. XD

I think my plot bunnies came up with a veeeeeeeery general plot for this but I'm not entirely sure. So far, they've only given me inklings of what'll happen, but I guess that's the beauty of this. I get to guess what'll happen as much as the reader. XD

Stay tuned for Part 10. ^^

This is Part 9 of my "The Rise of the Frozen Guardians" series. Name is subject to change, but currently out of ideas right now. ._.
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1st story: JackxElsa - 1 to 17

2nd story/sequel: JackxElsa again - 1 to 10 so far. XD
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Hehe, glad I was able to convert one more person to love the pair. XD

Currently at Part 13, if you check my gallery for the JackxElsa story folder. ^^

But at either rate, I'm glad you really like it and thank you very much for the comment. ^^ *bows*
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yeah i found it lol cant wait for the next part
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This is really good! is this really your last chapter?!?!? please tell me its not!

I need MORE!

Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe. This isn't the last one. If I'm listening to my bunnies right, this is the start of the climax. No worries. Hehe. Stay tuned for Part 10. ^^
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If they make a prequel, I'm going to SCREAM. *3*

And there's more where this came from, dear. Hehe. This is just the "beginning of the end", so to speak. BWAHAHA. /SHOT XD
nekomiKasai Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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