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The wall was frosted over, ready for him to write on it. His staff was out and pointed to the wall, and all he had to do was write the words for her to see it. She was right across the room, on her bed, with a good view of the wall for her to see what he would write...

...but Jack Frost couldn't find the words. He didn't know what he could say to her in this situation.

Anna had just left to go to the funeral -- a funeral the older sister couldn't attend. People would talk. Elsa would let them. They could say what they wanted for they didn't know the entire picture. Jack did...and he would constantly stay by her side as a result.

Now more than ever, he thought that he couldn't leave her.

"Jack... are you there...?" she called out, hands starting to twist her gloves in her hands.

He asked her this question often. Most of the time, it was to check if he had arrived when the window suddenly creaked open or if he was paying attention to what she had been saying. Now...he felt as if it were a question so she could seek affirmation that she wasn't alone.

He couldn't blame her. No one would want to be alone in a situation like this.

I'm here.

He wrote the answer he always used, but it had heavier emotions in the words more than usual. Her gaze visibly softened at seeing the familiar writing...and she breathed out a tired sigh.

"They're gone..." she whispered, hugging her knees and curling into a ball on her bed. "They're...really gone..."

He erased the words on the wall and racked his brain for what he could possibly say to her. Nothing came to mind.

A silence grew pregnant between them as the seconds ticked away.

"This means that I'll become queen of Arendelle..." she said as she folded her hands together. "The time they've been preparing me for is here and yet...I've never been more unsure if I was prepared."

She shook her head, fighting back the fear that was building in her heart. "Am I really ready for this?" An anxious sigh escaped her lips. "But regardless if I am, the coronation will proceed in a few days. Have I controlled my powers enough to conceal them? What if I can't hide it well enough? If I lose control--"

Elsa's trail of rambling halted when a snowflake danced in front of her face and exploded in a burst of sparkles.

"Woah, woah, easy there, girl. Don't let those thoughts run wild," Jack said, retracting his outstretched palm and walking laid-back steps towards the wall. A reassuring smile played on his face. "You're worrying too much."

The winter spirit sat with crossed legs before the wall and wrote his message. He decided to keep it plain, simple and encouraging: Don't worry. You'll be a great queen.

For added effect, the ice spirit sent another small snowflake her way and it exploded in her face again...but reformed on her lap as a tap-dancing rabbit.

She laughed lightly at the sight and relaxed once more. "It's amazing how easily you can make other smile, Sir Frost."

He smirked at the nickname and leaned backwards so he floated as he lay on his back. When he got comfortable, he wrote his reply. Fun is my center, remember?

Elsa chuckled again as she pet the bunny on the head before sending it away to the center of the room and making it disappear in a flurry of snow. A smile settled on her face at the sight of the sparkling crystals. The feel of their cold had ironically warmed her heart.

A soft smile grateful smile graced her face as she placed her hands on her lap. "Thank you, Jack." She hesitated and tucking a stray hair behind her ear as she glanced downward in nervousness. "You have been with me through the trying times of my life...and I'm not sure if I've really taken the chance to properly thank you..."

She took in a breath and released it slowly, letting herself relax and smile.

", thank you for what you've done for me -- for everything that you've done for me."

The guardian was taken by surprise at the sudden mini-speech...but he could feel himself warm at the sincerity of her words. They sounded mature -- fitting for a queen.

She has nothing to worry about, he thought. And neither did he. Man, when did she grow up this quickly? Although...Queen Elsa... That has a nice ring to it.

He wrote his reply, keeping it short and sweet.

It's has been and will continue to be my pleasure, your majesty.

For a moment, even with all that's happened...Jack Frost felt as if he finally did something right with Elsa.
Prompt: After writing Taking the King (and Queen), I felt that I couldn't move on without writing an accompaniment story with Jack and Elsa as the center characters. So plot bunny went with me on this one. ^^

Pairing: JackxElsa / Jelsa

The bunnies keep coming and won't stop. I felt compelled to integrate an actual bunny in the story just to make a point of how they wouldn't leave me alone. ._.

Oh well. This should technically be Part...7, if you count the Pitch Black one in the mix? So yeah. There. Part 8 coming soon.

This is Part 7 of my "The Rise of the Frozen Guardians" series. Name is subject to change, but currently out of ideas right now. ._.
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