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December 19, 2013
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Anna found that the major perk that she got from becoming the Guardian of Summer was that she could be with her sister even after their deaths. Some families, she thought, may find this a sort of torture. But when you were this close with your sister that you’d even sacrifice your life for them, then being with them in the afterlife wasn’t such a bad thing.

After all, they were best friends. Best friends to the point that, even if Anna didn’t say anything, Elsa already knew what she had been thinking – such as the time when the spirit had been upset when she went overboard with spreading sunshine and caused several people in an area to faint from the heat. Or another time when she didn’t give people enough sun that there had been one too many summer picnics ruined for some families.

Now, given that it worked for Elsa, it also followed that Anna would be able to know what Elsa was thinking, right?

That was exactly the case as Anna watched Elsa interval between glaring daggers at the sight below her and pacing back and forth in Anna's new summer home in a ramble of questions and statements. For the most part, the former queen spent her time talking to herself under her breath but throwing a question at her sister every once in a while.

Why was she doing this? The reason was simple, actually. Anna smiled a little, hoping that her sister wouldn’t notice. It had something to do with a certain Guardian of Spring and a certain other Spirit of Winter conversing on the patio below, from where the pair of sisters had a good view of what they had been doing. So far, it had consisted of a light laugh and shy smile from Rapunzel every once in a while, the spirits sitting closer together halfway through the conversation and Jack cracking a charming smile to the golden blonde which sent Elsa reeling.

Anna had to resist the urge to snicker at her sister’s expressions and words every once in a while, but failed a few times, earning a glare from the older sibling.

"This is not funny," Elsa said with sternness in her voice, but the look on her face was closer to a pout than any anger that Anna had ever seen. As Elsa continued her pacing, Anna tried to stop snickering, but could not wipe the smile off her face. She couldn't help it. Despite what her sister had said, the situation wasn't just funny, it was hilarious.

"Relax, Elsa. I'm sure that they're not doing anything special down there," Anna said, her eyes following Elsa's moving form.

"How can you be so certain?" An arm gestured to where the two were sitting. "They're sitting There has to be something."

Anna simply shook her head and laughed lightly. "Honestly, if you were so jealous then why don't you just--"

"Wait, wait, wait!" the female spirit of winter interrupted, taken aback by the words. "Jealous? I never mentioned anything about jealousy. I'm merely...concerned about the appropriateness of the behavior that the two of them are displaying in a supposedly public event." Her sister crossed her arms. "I am not jealous."

The spirit of summer rolled her eyes, her smile still in place. "Elsa," Anna started as she stood up and placed an arm around her sister. "First of all, I invited our friends over for a small birthday party. There isn't much public to show the 'inappropriate behavior' to." Especially since they had already started on the games -- North and Bunnymund will be going at besting the other until Jack joins in later on and creates even more chaos.

"Second of all, this is Rapunzel we're talking about. They're close friends, but so are you and her. In fact, I'd bet that you and Rapunzel are even closer." It could have had something to do with their seasons being so close together, but it was just a guess that the spirits had. Anna shrugged before she continued her casual explanation, as she watched her sister slowly but surely relax. "They could just be talking about the upcoming winter and spring. You know how Rapunzel's been going on non-stop about how she wanted to try making the flowers bloom naturally with more than one color."

"And third, if you're not jealous, then why would you care so much about who Jack spends his time with?"

"I don't," Elsa replied, but there was a hint of wavering in the Snow Queen's voice. Anna tried to meet her sister's eyes, but Elsa wouldn't even look at her. A satisfied smile made its way onto Anna's features.

"Face it. You're jealous."

"Who's jealous?" a familiar voice came in.

Both girls turned their heads in time to see Jack landing before them with an easy smile. Each of them gave him their own reaction in response -- Anna with a bright but knowing smile while Elsa gave him a glare.

"No one is jealous!" Elsa said firmly. "Especially not me over someone like you."

And with that, the queen turned and left.

A silence grew between the two spirits that remained. After a while, Jack turned to Anna.

"Uh...what just happened?"

"Oh, nothing," Anna said. Then she decided to change the topic. " were talking to Rapunzel just now, weren't you?"

Jack raised an eyebrow. "You saw us?"

Anna gave him an innocent smile. "A glance. But I had enough of a look to were talking about Elsa, weren't you?"

Jack looked taken aback, but the blush on his face was unmistakeable.

"No, we weren't!"

Anna snickered at the familiar air that the situation was presenting. They were so alike. And as much as Jack could deny all he wanted, she could always get the confirmation from Rapunzel later on.

But for now, she would see how much of a reaction and information she could get from the spirit directly before Tooth would come in and drag him away to stop North and Bunnymund from getting carried away with their "friendly matches".
Prompt: Second thing that popped up in my head. XD

Pairing: JackxElsa / Jelsa

Work drained my brain for the past few days. Guh. And I have no idea what the hell I just did with this, but MEEEEEEH. XD

Okay, got a break for two chapters of Seasons, so I'll get back to this series when I finish my fluffy one-shot and then start on the sequel. XD

Holidays are coming up so it means less work and more time for myself. When I get that, then expect more and more updates. XD
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YasaminK Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
When is the next one coming out?
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YAYYYYYYYY JELSA FOREVER, and if u ever had time it would be cool to continue this:squee: Yuki Sohma Rat (Pretty Eyes) [V1] Kitty begging 
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Oooh please update soon, I'm hooked on all your Jelsa stories 
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Is autumn merida? Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
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I am so enjoying this! I hope writing these makes you as happy as it makes me reading them! :D
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Oh. Oh, Elsa. Sooooo obvious. Oh, Jack. So oblivious. Gotta step up your game, man!

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Hehehehehehehehehe. I like this reaction. I think I'm having too much fun with this. I think I'm having waaaaaaaay too much fun with this. XD

And of course~ Wait for the next one. It'll be coming soon. XD
computer-faerie Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Professional General Artist
Good! I love it when authors have fun writing, you can read it between the lines and I think it makes the story that much more enjoyable. It tends to suck when its forced. I'll be waiting! :)
Mikireikai Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awwww how adorable. And Elsa not acting like a queen is such an eye opener. XD
Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Took into account that she wasn't really a queen anymore in this. Dignity can go out the window after at least 20 years or so of being a spirit. XD
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