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With a yell, a shot rang out from Jack's staff, sending it towards the nightmare as they maneuvered above Arendelle and through the stormy winds. When that missed, he sent out another, and another, relentlessly firing at the dark horse.

He couldn't believe the stunt that Pitch tried to pull. He had taken Jack's own form and used it to get to Elsa. If it weren't for his too-close-for-comfort timing...Elsa would've been plunged into an endless nightmare until who knows what would've happened.

Gripping his staff harder, he charged it with as much power as he could -- pouring in all his anger and frustration of the moment into it. Positioning himself directly behind the nightmare as it ascended higher and higher into the sky, he sent the blast flying. The charge went right through the nightmare and kept soaring into the gray clouds above...

...and had hit something that yet out a yell of pain.

Jack's eyes narrowed suspiciously at the all-too-familiar yell as he shot through the cloud cover, blasting through whatever was in his way and thus causing a chorus of dying neighs in his wake.

He hovered above the clouds and turned to be greeted by the sight of an army of nightmares, sending out their calls of anger to the world...

...and an enraged pair of black eyes looking straight at him.

"Jack Frost..." Pitch sneered. "How is it that you manage to always become a thorn in the side of my plans?!"

"It comes with the 'Guardians are good guys' thing," Jack said, taking a stance for battle, gripping his wooden staff with both hands. "But I'm not here to talk." He smirked. "As ironic as it sounds, it's time to put an end to this winter."

The boogeyman glared at the cocky guardian and said, with his voice in a low threatening timbre, "And you think you can stop me?"

Without warning, Pitch extended his hand and sent a blast of red-hued ice magic angrily charging to Jack's direction. The winter spirit, in turn, raised his staff and met the blast head-on. Instead of harming him, the moment the fear-infused magic met his staff, it split into two directions, changed into the form that he knew and used. The threads of magic danced around him before he raised his hand, opening his palm and gathered it.

"Your tricks don't work on me anymore, Pitch," Jack said with at triumphant smirk, closing his hand around the gathered magic. When he opened it, he created a single large crystal snowflake. "I've figured out a few new tricks to counter it."

The dark spirit's glare intensified, anger rising more and more within him. "You won't win. I will have my victory." His face contorted in anger. "I will have my revenge!!"

He raised his arms, gesturing to his nightmares and the army stood ready to attack Jack while the other stood to face Arendelle. Jack's eyes narrowed, understanding what Pitch was going to do with the large number of nightmares.

"Save the kingdom or save yourself," Pitch said, lips curving into an evil smile. "You cannot manage both, Jack."

In response, Jack crushed the snowflake in his hand, and the ice magic spread out around him. Then, he took his staff and with a wave of it through the air, the spread magic turned into a barrage of hundreds of individual icicles floating in the air.

"Just watch me try."

Both their arms moved at the same time, and at that moment, Jack's icicles fired at the nightmares that charged him and the city. They hit what they could before the winter spirit resorted to fighting them off directly with what magic he could come up with...

...but he was sure that while his life and existence depended on it, he would save Arendelle or die trying.

"Prince Hans, please try to understand," Elsa pleaded keeping her distance from the other man. "You have to let me return to the castle so I can find a way to end this winter."

"End it?" the auburn haired man repeated in disbelief. He shook his head. "I think you've caused enough trouble, your highness."

He took a step towards her. She responded with a step back.

"First, you freeze the entirety of Arendelle..."

I didn't mean to.

"Then you attack the soldiers when we were trying to talk to you about stopping the storm..."

I only wanted to protect myself. After all, some among them had been out for her life. I just...wanted to be left alone.

His voice dropped in volume as he hung his head in sadness.

"And now...Princess gone because of you."

Elsa felt her heart stop. She wished she had imagined it.

"What..." she tried to get the words out. But she found herself shaking, feeling something breaking in her core. "What did you...just say...?"

"She's dead, your highness," the prince said accusingly. "And you killed her by freezing her heart."

Those words made Elsa's entire world stop for what felt like an eternity. The words that she never wanted to hear fell from the other's lips. She felt as if something had cut through her core, cut through her heart. Her hands moved to her head as she took steps back, horror shown on her face


Thoughts of her sister flashed through her head. Her smile, her voice, her laughter, her face, memories with her as children--

--ending with the memory of how the girl fell into unconsciousness when she was hit by Elsa's magic as a child.

She had done it again this time... She had done it again to Anna even when she tried so hard to protect her.

She dropped to the ground, knees weak and no longer able to support her as her cry of anguish and despair resounded through the storm...

...and held enough emotion to still it. The world around them became quiet.

But for Elsa, her world became dark and noisy. She hugged herself in protection, but she felt that no amount of anything in the world could heal the wound she had in her heart at that moment.

Anna. Anna. Anna. Anna. She's dead...and I killed her. She's dead and I killed her...

The thoughts looped in her mind, distracting her from her surroundings...

...that she didn't even notice the auburn haired man with her unsheathing his sword, eyes akin to that of a hunter ready to come in for the kill upon a helpless animal.

'How was this happening?' Jack asked himself as he was sent free-falling towards the ground by a powerful blast of ice combined with darkness. One moment, the battle was leaning towards his favor with the half of the nightmares that were attacking him gone, and he was starting on the other half, banishing them from existence one by one.

Then, in the middle of the battle, Pitch sent a powerful stream of ice and darkness infused magic towards him. He responded with his own stream of magic. For a while, they were in deadlock, equal in power and equal in the ferocity of emotions they had in that moment...

...until Jack vaguely felt the storm still beneath them, the wind dying and the snow stopping.


But he didn't have time to think. In a split second, the development caused Pitch to grin an unnaturally happy smile as he somehow sent more power into the stream he threw at Jack. The winter spirit struggled against the charge, pushing back more and more to the best of his abilities--

--but was ultimately overpowered by the dark spirit, the ice and darkness mixed blast sending him through the clouds and falling to the ground at a high speed.

By the general direction of where he was falling, he landed with a thud, creating a small indent in the snow by a cottage called Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. The Guardian sat up, groaning in pain as he did so. His hand moved to his head, trying to calm the ache that he felt caused by the impact, and he opened his eyes, waiting for his vision to clear...

...only to be greeted by the sight of Pitch coming into view by standing above him, looking down at the Guardian.

A low chuckle erupted from the dark spirit's throat as a hand reached out for the Guardian's neck and he held him in the air. Jack struggled against Pitch's hold, about to send another blast from his staff, but the boogeyman was already ahead of him. With his free hand, he pulled Jack's weapon out of his grasp and threw it a distance away -- far out of Jack's immediate reach. The winter spirit gasped as he felt the red-hued ice flowing from the hand that held him, the fear eating away at his spirit and slowly freezing him. The gasps turned into screams of pain, mixing with Pitch's amused laughter.

"It looks like your dear queen has perished, Jack," the boogeyman said, a smile evident in his voice. "Her powers are now mine." He let out a light chuckle as Jack started to struggle against the other man's grip.

His desperation rose. Despair crept into his heart. It couldn't be true. It couldn't be. His mind screamed in anguish for what his voice couldn't manage.

Elsa... No... You can't be dead.

Elsa, tell me he's lying.

Please, send me a sign.

Show me that you're alright.

But his messages to the world were left unheeded. His mind continued to race as his spirit continued to feel pain from the dark ice...

...But then again, the pain did not compare to the feeling of his heart breaking at the thought of her gone.

Elsa... No...


Elsa... Elsa...

Prompt: Middle of the end? :)) /SHOT

Pairing: JackxElsa / Jelsa

I wasn't sure how I could divide this into 3 parts given the flow of events in my head, but after I broke momentum as I had to go home after work, it became easier. Managed a double whammy tonight with the end of the end and the end of the story by tomorrow or Sunday. Hoping that that's the case, but let's see with my bunnies. XD

So this is following the events of Frozen, and it means that you know where this is going. I'm not going to break canon much, but I may have to modify the ending a little to fit Jack's involvement. Not sure how my bunnies are going to manage it, but they're giving me a rough idea. XD

Random mention of Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna is random. 8D

And by the way, the Jack-anguish part was added as my bunnies felt that the part lacked the necessary concluding impact.

I swear that things will only get better from here. I mean, we all know how the movie ends anyway. I'm not changing that ending for anything. XDDDDD

This is Part 15 of my "The Rise of the Frozen Guardians" series. Name is subject to change, but currently out of ideas right now. ._.

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AironFay Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

                                                                   OH MY CHEESE
bbb35 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014

Oh No!! :iconmonkeyscaredplz: Please, don't let this be the end!!

Excellent writing here :D

BlueProwl Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
NO!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let Elsa be dead!!!

Wait... she didn't die in the movie... she was saved by... oh ok. *realizes* Goodness you had me going there for a moment. That's bad for my heart! But ooooh I soooo love the suspense!!
Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It'll end pretty soon anyway. Hehehe. XD
BlueProwl Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Which makes me sad... I want more chapters but more chapters means it comes to an end.... such a dilemma.
Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
There's a sequel anyway. Hehe. I'm not satisfied with where this ends. There's not enough...fluff. XD /SHOT XD
BlueProwl Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013

Must go read the end!!

Naria-hime Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Student General Artist
So saaaaaaaaaaad!!! How could you do this to me!?? Waaaah!

Actually, I love it - it's great... even though I technically know how(ish) it will end... my heart is breaking and held in suspense... I am just enjoying this so much!! Thank you!!! :heart: Thank as well for updating so frequently (some people make their readers wait for MONTHS!) It has been a true pleasure coming home from work to read your stuff! Hug 
Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The pleasure's all mine to see your comments and enjoyment in reading my work, really. ^^ :heart:

And the frequency of updates is mostly because if I break my momentum, I never get back to the story. So I have to keep up with the updates. XD

At any rate, ending should be up. Hope you like it. ^^
Mikireikai Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Don't worry Jack. your heart is not the only one being.....ripped into two....then torn to pieces....then burnt....then the ashes are scattered to the cold and icey watery depths of my soul....

Allaynia Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe. There's a saying anyway that "once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up?" XDDD

It'll be all up-hill from here. Or at least, I hope so. XD
Mikireikai Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
btw, mind i ask your FB again? decided to just add you as i forgot i got several online people on my facebook. xD
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